Thursday, February 2, 2012

New PMCC Level 1 Certification Goes Live!

by Linda Kline
Director of Education

We bring out “bubbly” to toast and celebrate the most festive and long-anticipated occasions -- the arrival of new babies, the christening of ships, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and especially the New Year. Champagne says, “Whew…..we made it over the hump and something newer, bigger, and better is on its way!”

We've all celebrated the new year and the Chinese new year, but now the teachers and staff of PMC Connection have special cause to pop open the bubbly and look forward to 2012- the long-awaited, much-anticipated launch of our brand new Level I Certification program.

Exponential changes in the world of PMC have given metal clay artists a whole new perspective on their art form. In just a few short years, new techniques, tools, and products have propelled PMC from its humble beginning as a “craft” to a well-respected fine art. Even the most discerning of traditional metalsmiths are giving PMC a well-deserved nod as metal clay artists keep pushing the limits and developing mind-blowing new concepts.

Likewise, we at PMCC felt it was time to take a critical look at our certification program to be sure it represented the changing standards of skills and techniques. As the expectations of artists worldwide catapult PMC to new heights, we knew it was time for our educational program to do the same. We wanted our students to rise to new heights and to achieve a level of polish and sophistication rivaling any medium or educational program.

Of course, nothing worth having ever comes easy. And how much would we value it if it did? So, we turned loose our eager team of senior instructors and challenged them to tell us what to keep and what to throw out. At the core of the challenge, we wanted to keep our program to two days, limit it to just four (4) projects, and bump up the quality of students’ work. The public has a discriminating eye for perfection, the price of silver continues to rise, and competition in art jewelry sales is keen. Anyone who is serious about selling their jewelry needs to accept that these factors demand exceptional skills.

Certification has always been the BIGGEST BANG FOR YOUR EDUCATIONAL BUCK! And it is now more than ever before: Guess no more about what temperature to fire your work; master the dreaded syringe; create “weird” shaped beads without a core; set stones like a pro; and more, more, more!

Even if your other resolutions have already fallen by the wayside, make 2012 the year you resolve to become a certified metal clay artisan.




Teva said...

Thanks Linda. I am very excited about the new Level 1 projects. The techniques are challenging but very much worth the efforts in conquering. The new projects will definitely showcase the students quality work.
Thank you for your leadership in our efforts! Also special thanks to Jennifer for believing in us!

mapleton said...

Does this affect those of us who are already certified? Will our certification still stand?

Jen said...

Thx Teva - I am really excited about the new program and out teachers made it happen.

Mapleton - your certification absolutely still stands. We update the curriculum every so often to be sure it is both current and challenging. While artisans certified in the past may want to take the new, more challenging course as a refresher, nothing will invalidate the certification you already hold.

mapleton said...

Thanks for the quick answer - that's good to hear! I look forward to updating (and some day gaining further certification) but instructors are few and far between in my area.