Friday, September 21, 2012

Finding Center

by Janet Alexander
Technical Advisor

From time to time, we construct jewelry using round discs or square objects and must find the center of these objects. This can be critical if accurate placement affects how something will hang or how pieces fit together. But, it can be easier said than done.  Fortunately, there is a device called a center finder that is very easy to use. Center finders range from expensive versions to inexpensive plastic devices. But, they all work in the same way.
Steel Center Finder

Plastic Center Finder
 The Steps

Place the circle or square into the back-side of the tool so that it rests on the tool's ledge.

Turn the tool over with the circle or square against the back side of the tool. Make sure it is sitting snug in the "V" of the tool.

Draw a line along the center straight edge on the item.

Rotate the item 45 degrees placing it back in the tool as before.
Draw a second line along the straight edge on the center of the item.

The center of the item is the junction of the two drawn lines.

This is an example of finding the center of a square object. Note that the center edge of the center finder lies along the square's diagonal lines.

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kim said...

i have one of these Janet! it's a great tool :)